How To Claim Anonymice #2000-#9999

3 min readSep 16, 2021

The first 2,000 Anonymice are totally free to mint. After that, you have to earn and spend our $CHEETH token to mint the remaining mice.

Anonymice Smart Contract:

You earn $CHEETH by staking your mice (1 CHEETH per staked mouse per day)

Here is the CHEETH cost for all tiers:

#0–1999: Free to mint
#2000–3999: 1 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse
#4000–5999: 2 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse
#6000–7999: 3 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse
#8000-#9999: 4 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

You can view how many mice have been claimed so far by visiting the Anonymice Token page on Etherscan. The “Max Total Supply” is how many mice have been minted so far.

So if Max Total Supply is 4650, then you will have to spend 2 $CHEETH to mint a mouse.

You must have claimed the CHEETH in your wallet in order to mint a mouse ID #2000 and above. CHEETH can be claimed at any time through the contract.

(Keep in mind for this tutorial that units of $CHEETH on Etherscan are denominated by 18 decimals. So 1 $CHEETH actually looks like 1000000000000000000 on etherscan.)

How to mint a mouse with $CHEETH

Step 1: Find the current $CHEETH cost

Find the function #3 in the read section of the Anonymice contract, titled currentCheethCost.

This is how much $CHEETH minting a mouse will cost (in wei).

Step 2: Approve the Anonymice contract to burn your $CHEETH

Find the function #1 in the write section in the Cheeth contract, titled approve

Spender: 0xbad6186e92002e312078b5a1dafd5ddf63d3f731

Amount: 100000000000000000000000

Approve function to let the Anonymice contract burn your $CHEETH. The amount listed can be anything above the current mint cost, but putting it really high allows you to not have to set it again.

Write this transaction.

Step 2.5: See how much $CHEETH you have

Find the #6 balanceOf function on the Cheeth contract. Fill the address field with your ETH address. Then click query.

This will return your $CHEETH balance. Ensure you have enough for this tier, then go mint a mouse!

You can always burn a mouse to mint a new one, at any level!

If you don’t have any $CHEETH and you want to reroll your mouse, you can burn it to mint a new one for free, no $CHEETH required!

This is done on the Anonymice Contract:

Open the Write Contract tab and find the burnForMint function.

You can only burn 1 mouse at a time. Enter it’s token ID and click Write.




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