How To Stake Your Anonymice To Start Earning $CHEETH

3 min readSep 16, 2021

We created an ERC-20 token called $CHEETH that is used as a utility token in the project.

$CHEETH Smart Contract:

Currently, the only use for $CHEETH is to mint mice 2k-8k.

Here is how you can generate $CHEETH with your Anonymice:

First, we need to Approve the Anonymice contract.

Step 1: Open the Anonymice contract on Etherscan:

Step 2: Open the Contract tab, click the Write Contract button and then click “Connect to Web3”

This only works on desktop, sorry no mobile.

Once you are connected it will look like this:

Step 3: Approve the $CHEETH contract

Find the function called “setApprovalForAll”, open it and set these values exactly!

operator: 0x5f7BA84c7984Aa5ef329B66E313498F0aEd6d23A
approved: true

Then click Write. You will have to pay a gas fee for this.

Make sure it looks like this!

Ok, the CHEETH contract is now approved.

Second, we need to stake our mice into the CHEETH contract.

CHEETH Contract:

Step 1: Open the CHEETH Contract > Write Contract and connect your wallet. Follow the same steps as above.

Step 2: Expand the function called stakeByIds.

Enter your mice IDs into the tokenIds field. You can enter up to 10 different IDs, comma separated.

So if you own Anonymice #353 and #1745 you would enter:

Then click the Write button.

Done! You have now staked your Anonymice into the CHEETH contract and they will start generating you 1 x $CHEETH every 24 hours.

How much $CHEETH do I have?

Each mouse you stake will instantly start generating $CHEETH and will generate 1 per day.

You can view your $CHEETH balance at any time by viewing the CHEETH Contract, then click the Read Contract button and enter your ETH address into the getAllRewards function.

When you click the Query button, it will show the unclaimed $CHEETH balance for your wallet. The number will look huge though! Just click it and it will take you to a page that converts it from wei to ether units. The ether units is how much unclaimed $CHEETH you have.

Want to Claim your $CHEETH?

Follow the steps above for the $CHEETH contract, except this time you open the claimAll function and click the Write button. This will claim whatever CHEETH you currently have accrued.

This will cost gas so only claim when you have enough $CHEETH generated to mint a new mouse.




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